Friday, 8 July 2011

An awesome lense and a very cool tool for Squidoo users.

Everyday I try to read some other Squidoo lenses for tips and tricks, I usually learn something new everyday, which is cool. Anyway, I wanted to share this great lense today as it is from someone who is fairly new to Squidoo, but has been persistent and the rewards are starting to show. Fast Money Making with Squidoo.                                                                                                                               Another great tool I wanted to share today is this: SquidUtils.  There are many features on this site that are great for those that use Squidoo and make lenses. One of the best tools on this site is the lense health checker. It digs deep into your lense and shows you how well your lense is doing. It's lense ranks over the last seven days. Tips on how to make the lense rank better and so much more. It is definitely worth checking out if you use Squidoo

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